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Mare Wall Lamp Gold

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Decorative wall luminaires made of metal and glass. Colour shades – chromium and gold. Light source hidden under reflector

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Product Description

Discover the Mare-Gold Wall Lamp – an embodiment of elegance.

At a large 400mm in diameter, Mare wall lamp comes in a chrome or gold finish.  Crafted from metal and glass, it’s a decorative wall luminaire that emanates sophistication. Available in both chromium and gold shades, it offers versatile options to match your style seamlessly. Underneath a decorative reflector, the light source remains hidden, creating an alluring and soft illumination. The 400mm diameter further enhances its presence, making it a captivating focal point. Moreover, the color choices of chromium and gold grant you the freedom to curate the perfect ambiance. The subtle glow complements various settings, from cozy corners to spacious rooms. The Mare-Gold Wall Lamp’s design is not just visual but also functional. The concealed light source offers a comfortable lighting experience while maintaining its decorative appeal. Moreover, its 400mm diameter ensures its impact isn’t limited to mere lighting but extends to being a tasteful décor element. In conclusion, the Mare-Gold Wall Lamp harmonizes metal and glass into an exquisite luminaire. The color options of chromium and gold allow personalized styling. Its concealed light source and generous diameter underscore its dual nature as both an illuminator and a decorative piece. Elevate your space with this wall lamp that embodies elegance and practicality effortlessly. Click HERE to view more wall lights

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