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Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is a term used to describe a light product that can be controlled using a smart phone. Instead of having a conventional light switch or dimmer switch, smart lighting products operate more intelligently.

Their main function is to switch electrical products such as lights, on and off on their own, without you even having to be there. This could be via a timer, occupancy detector or photocell. Or they can allow you to switch things manually via a remote control or smart phone from anywhere in the world.

One of the best features of smart lighting products is the ability to set lighting scenes. Lighting scenes can dim or switch a mixture of your lighting circuits to the level of your choosing at the touch of one button. If you’re watching TV in your lounge you might want your main light to be switched totally off, your wall lights to be dimmed down to 30% and your table lamps to be switched on; this could be called your ‘TV scene’.

Many of these systems can do much more than just lighting and now include, electrical sockets, security and heating controls.



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