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Pendant Lighting Ireland

Pendant lights offer a stylish choice for both ambient and task lighting. Whether you prefer a single statement piece, pairs, or a cluster, pendants deliver stunning results.

These lights, known for their versatility, serve a dual purpose as both decorative, mood-setting elements and functional light sources. They also excel as feature lighting, enhancing architectural details and setting specific atmospheres.

With a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, designs, materials, and finishes available, pendant lighting seamlessly complements your home’s interior style, be it traditional, modern, nature-inspired, industrial, or more.

For the inner designer in you, our ranges provide countless unique combinations.  Lux Lighting therefore allows you to craft your very own pendant style.

Conveniently order online or pay a visit to our modern lighting showroom in Tramore, Waterford.

And here’s some extra good news – enjoy free delivery on orders exceeding €150.00. Make your lighting choices with style and ease.



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