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Flare 6 Light Pendant

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Flare 6 Light pendant. Metal fittings, gold colour. Transparent crystal with architectural cut.  Adjustable

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Product Description

Introducing the Pendant Lamp, Flare 6 Light – a captivating lighting solution.

Flare 6 Light pendant. The metal fittings, painted in a striking gold hue, radiate luxury. The transparent crystal décor boasts an architectural cut, adding a touch of elegance. With an adjustable height feature, the Flare 6 light pendant lamp offers versatility in design. It can be tailored to your space, creating the perfect ambiance. A remarkable piece that’s not just functional but also visually appealing. This pendant lamp is part of a collection that embodies cohesive style. It complements other pieces effortlessly, allowing you to curate your interior with consistency. Furthermore, the Flare Pendant Lamp serves as an eye-catching centerpiece, elevating the overall aesthetic. Moreover, the metal and crystal combination captures and reflects light beautifully, adding depth to your surroundings. Furthermore, the intricate architectural cut of the crystal décor disperses light patterns playfully, casting mesmerizing shadows. The adjustable height, furthermore, ensures adaptability for various spaces – a customizable lighting experience. In conclusion, the Pendant Lamp Flare presents an exquisite blend of metal and crystal. Its gold-colored fittings exude opulence, while the architectural cut crystal offers a touch of sophistication. As part of a collection, it harmonizes stylistically and stands out as a central piece. Elevate your space with this versatile and captivating pendant lamp, transforming your ambiance into an artful illumination. Click here to view the full collection.

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