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Estelle 24 Light G9, Pendant Oblong, Satin Black / Smoke Item Weight: 22.65kg

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Estelle 24 light satin black linear pendant

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Product Description

Introducing the Estelle 24 Light Satin Black Pendant Oblong

A beautiful oblong pendant with 24 Light G9 bulbs. Made with a Satin Black/smoke combination.

Estelle offers a wide variety of frame and glass color combinations, allowing you to create a truly personalised light solution.

Choose from frame colors such as satin black, polished nickel, and brass. You can then pair Estelle’s frame with clear, smoked, or amber glass options. What sets this collection apart is its unique dual application. Estelle offers long and short glass pieces that you can fit in two different ways. This allows for the option of two distinct visuals. Furthermore, each frame, whether it’s a pendant or a floor lamp, can showcase the glass either vertically for a clean round outline or at a diagonal angle, creating a more uneven and decorative effect.

Experience the versatility and aesthetic appeal of the Estelle Satin Black Pendant 24 Light.

With its wide range of frame and glass color options, you can effortlessly create a custom lighting solution that perfectly suits your style. Additionally, the flexible glass positioning adds an extra dimension to the design, enabling you to achieve your desired decorative effect. Elevate your space with the Estelle collection. Its intricate design, along with the variety of choices available, ensures a captivating visual experience. The exquisite combination of brass and smoke adds an elegant touch to any interior, transforming your space into a stylish environment. Discover the beauty and versatility of the Estelle pendant and create a lighting masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression. Bulbs for the Estelle can be purchased here 

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Satin Black/Amber, Satin Black/Clear, Satin Black/Smoke

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