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Ceiling Lamp Messina Five Light

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Messina Five light ceiling

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Product Description

Messina Bedroom/Sitting Room Collection

Perfect for bedroom or sitting rooms, The gold and linen 5-light ceiling lamp offers a stunning and elegant lighting solution.   Complete with a diffuser, Messinas light ouput will not cause glare whilst relaxing in your sitting room, similarly the bedroom. The Messina boasts a sturdy and sleek gold-finished metal frame that infuses opulence into any room. Its drum-shaped design, featuring a cylindrical body, achieves a balanced and symmetrical aesthetic. The golden finish effectively reflects light, resulting in a warm and inviting atmosphere within the room. To enhance the pendant’s overall elegance, the drum-shaped body features a linen fabric shade that introduces a soft and natural texture. The carefully selected linen fabric contributes to a delicate and sophisticated appearance. This shade serves the practical purpose of diffusing the light from the three bulbs. Add a warm temperature bulb to create a soft and evenly distributed illumination that is both functional and visually pleasing.  Ideal for your bedroom or living space. A standout feature of this fixture is the inclusion of a diffuser in the base of the drum. In short, a panel or layer positioned at the bottom of the drum, plays a crucial role in evenly dispersing light throughout the room. It effectively softens glare and prevents direct visibility of the bulbs, resulting in a more pleasant and ambient lighting effect. In summary, the Messina is a sophisticated lighting fixture that seamlessly combines luxury and functionality. Its exquisite design, golden finish, linen fabric shade, and diffuser make it an ideal addition to contemporary or traditional interior spaces. Undoubtedly introducing a touch of elegance and cultivating a warm and welcoming ambiance to any bedroom or living space. Browse our online catalogue HERE View The Full Messina Collection HERE  

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