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Light up your home with a Decorative Floor lamp

You definitely don’t need anyone to tell you that lamps and lighting are certainly vital to the design of your beautiful sitting room. Designer floor lamps, serve many purposes. They can surely be beautiful objects in themselves, and the light they project can decide the whole mood of the room. So purchasing the ideal Floor lamp requires a bit of thought.

Make a statement

A striking floor lamp can be a feature of the room in itself as it adds height, color, and character to a room or it can be a more subtle inclusion, merging into the furnishings and fittings.

If you decide to go for a beautiful floor lamp, it largely depends on the space you have available. For instance, a tripod floor lamp will definitely work really well in a big empty corner but may take up too much invaluable floor space in a comparatively smaller room.

Whether the lamp is befitting the size of the room

When you are making a decision on a floor lamp, you must consider the scale of your living room specifically the height of the ceiling.

If you have a low ceiling a very tall lamp will definitely look imbalanced, while if you have a good amount of overhead space a floor lamp that’s too small in height will also stand out for the wrong reasons.

Kind of light in your room

Floor lamps can be utilized for both task lighting and ambient lighting, so you should prioritize yourself and should be in the best phase of your mind.

Additionally, choosing the right shade is also vital. A semi-translucent shade is perfect for softer surrounding light, while if you need to highlight a wall or ceiling feature then you should go for an opaque shade, as these prove to be the better option for decorative accent lighting.

Matching with the decor and design of the room

Floor lamp bases usually come in different varieties like brass, wood, marble, and a variety of colors, while shades can be anything from downplayed linens to brightly colored silk patterns, so there is ample scope for matching your lamp to your living room’s style and decor.

Nonetheless, you can easily use floor lamps to add some character and new elements to your living room. Why not you consider combining a floor lamp with an armchair and side table and create a cushy reading place?

Layering light with multiple lamps

One of the basic principles of Interior design is that in a living room, layering light with multiple lamps is far much better than depending on a single overhead source. Having many lamps of different sizes implies that you can easily use a varied combination according to the mood and situation.

So if you plan to purchase a floor lamp along with table lamps, desk lights, and wall lights, you will definitely have a lot of fun while creating a lighting ‘family’. Artistically mismatched shades and styles can certainly bring a lot of personality to a room.

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