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Chandeliers Add Value to your Home

Do modern chandeliers add value to your home?

Do modern chandeliers add value to your home?

Loft conversions and kitchen extensions, fixtures and fittings – there are many ways to add value to your home. But an often-overlooked subject is lighting. Lighting sets the whole mood for your space, creating the tone in which all the other features are seen. Not only can it powerfully affect the atmosphere of your home, but lighting is also a great way to add value. Prospective home buyers will note the luxurious lighting design and be relieved that it’s one less thing for them to think about installing themselves.

However, the world of luxury lighting design can be complex. At Lux Lighting we stock a wide range of beautifully crafted light fittings, perfect for adding that special touch to your space. But if you’re specifically hoping to add value to your home, what should you look for in a light fitting, and how can you make sure it’s right for the room you are decorating?

Modern Lighting

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Modern chandeliers – the ultimate light fitting

Chandeliers are the last word in luxury, lending glamour and elegance wherever they are hung. With a long history steeped in style and status, a chandelier adds instant interior design points. Although larger chandeliers require a space to match, in its modern iteration the chandelier shines a light into homes of all sizes. Whether you need a statement piece that reflects contemporary art stylings; or you’re looking for a light fitting that nods to tradition in keeping with a period property, a modern chandelier can tick every box.

Here is the Lux Lighting guide to modern chandeliers – how they can add value, enhance the atmosphere, and cast your home in a glittering light all of its own…


What is a chandelier?

A chandelier is a type of ornamented light fitting, usually featuring many lit branches. Evolving from lighting using candles to using bulbs, chandeliers in the past often featured hanging crystal prism decorations, designed to catch, reflect, and multiply the light from the many different sources on their branches.


How has chandelier design evolved?

Candle chandeliers have been used since medieval times, becoming more ornate during the 15th century. By the 17th and 18th centuries, developments in glass-making led to chandeliers becoming ever more opulent and complex. They became symbolic of wealth, luxury and status. With the invention of electric lighting in the 1890s, chandeliers leapt forward once again, and in the 20th century, the chandelier is often used as a design focal point within a room, without the emphasis on utility as a function.


Are chandeliers suitable in a contemporary home?

Modern chandeliers have become an adaptable design choice with an appropriate chandelier available for nearly every space. It’s all about understanding the light the chandelier will cast, as well as how it will look in position. While there are endless options for lighting the contemporary home, from lamps to LEDs and under-cabinet illumination, a chandelier speaks of timeless luxury and will add value as well as style.


Will a chandelier add value to my home?

Updating your light fittings is a relatively inexpensive way to add value to your home. That said, when it comes to chandeliers, the more you spend, the greater re-sale value you add. Chandeliers are usually included in house sales (although this detail is always worth checking), so a really special piece featuring fine crystals would indeed add value to your house. A stunning centrepiece such as the Aridius Pendant Round 7 Tier 31 Light E14, Brass/Clear Glass – Lux Lighting provides character and status, and its high value will be reflected in your house valuation.


Ways in which a chandelier adds value to your home

It creates a strong focal point:

Viewers will be immediately drawn in by the glittering glamour of your stunning centrepiece. Once they manage to drag their eyes away, the rest of the space will be cast in the lovely light of your chandelier – giving an atmosphere of elegance and luxury.


It gives timeless character:

Home buyers go for houses with character. A chandelier is a great way to add personality to any space, giving a timeless style that makes your house stand out from the crowd.


It creates an impression:

If you need to add a wow factor to your home, a chandelier is an immediate and relatively inexpensive way of doing so. A strategically placed design-led lighting fixture can make your house the one that sticks in the memory compared to all the others.


How to choose a chandelier for your space

While traditionally used in a living or dining room, chandeliers can look great in any room. Smaller pendants are great for everyday spaces with average ceiling heights, while larger chandeliers such as the stunning Cosmo 3 Tier Pendant 74 Light G9 Polished Chrome/Crystal – Lux Lighting are perfect for more open public areas with higher ceilings.

When choosing a chandelier for your space, always consider:

Ceiling height. Will there be sufficient space for the long drop of the chandelier before it starts to conflict with head height? Often the same chandelier design can be provided in different sizes, so be sure to measure up properly before you go shopping, and tailor your search to match your realistic requirements.


Weight. Can your ceiling handle the weight of the chandelier? If in doubt, it’s best to get a professional to check this for you.


Viewpoints. Where will the chandelier be viewed from? A popular spot for chandeliers is in hallways with open stair spaces. This works really well because the chandelier will be viewed at different heights – from the landing, the stairs, as well as the ground floor. This makes the most of the spectacle of the chandelier – particularly great for a contemporary piece which needs more room, such as the Luxora 2.5m Round Pendant 5 Light E27 With Various Glasses, Black Chrome – Lux Lighting.

It’s worth bearing in mind that designs such as the Luxora look particularly stylish because there is a bespoke element involved: the group of suspension kits that comprise the chandelier can be made up of a varying number of light pendants. In union with these kits, this range also includes a selection of metallic tinted glass cylinders and globes finished in either a brass gold, copper or smoked colour which can be used to complement the pendant kits for a generic fixture or produce a mixed tone effect for something more bespoke. If you can afford to introduce this tailoring into your chandelier design, it will give you that extra touch of luxury.


Style. Modern chandeliers come in an endless range of different styles, but you should consider the existing themes of your space before choosing your lighting. If you have a contemporary feel, a bold lighting statement could work really well. A piece which nods to modern art and assemblage sculpture, such as Olora Dimmable Pendant, 40 x 3.4W LED, 3000K, 10500lm, Polished Chrome, 3yrs Warranty – Lux Lighting adds cultural kudos as well as sparkle.

But if you are working with period features or an older property, going for something more traditional makes sense. The Gastro Chandelier Pendant, 12 Light E14, Polished Chrome/Clear Glass/Crystal, (ITEM REQUIRES CONSTRUCTION/CONNECTION) – Lux Lighting provides old-world charm whilst retaining all the luxury benefits of a modern chandelier. In this classic chandelier design with a twist, traditional components have been replaced with more specialised modern parts to present a more contemporary collection. Gastro’s standard metal arms have been swapped with clear glass which is each draped with high-quality clear crystal buttons and teardrops. Further strands of crystal buttons are draped along the centre column for further glamour. An originally cut crystal sconce sits beneath each E14 lamp holder. With a smaller diameter but greater depth, this piece is highly faceted for even more spectral arrays. These polished chrome pendants are available in four sizes, with a single or double wall lamp to match.


Convenience. Great lighting is about function as well as form. So remember to consider how useful your new chandelier will be. Will it illuminate the space in the way you need? It’s fine to install a chandelier for more aesthetic reasons, so long as you can get the lighting you need into the space in other ways – perhaps by adding lamps, side lights, or wall lights. A chandelier such as the Gastro featured above could be a good choice here, as it is available as part of a range, where you can also purchase matching wall lamps. Chandeliers always make great centrepieces either way. But it is important to consider the convenience of everyday use.


Energy-efficiency. With green credentials the buzzword of the moment, it’s worth checking on the energy efficiency of your new light fittings. While glittering glamour necessarily comes with a price tag, well-made chandeliers such as those supplied by Lux Lighting will come with information about their energy-efficiency rating, to help you make an informed choice.


Are you considering using a modern chandelier to add value to your home?

From traditional candle-inspired branched arrangements to polished nickel and smoked glass glamour; spectacular metallic swirls to contemporary crystal clusters, the modern chandelier is a statement feature that can add a wow factor to any home.

If you’re considering investing in a modern chandelier, look to Lux Lighting. Our beautiful range of contemporary chandeliers makes the most of the classic charm of these statement pieces, whilst bringing the design right up to date. From large detailed chandeliers featuring multiple levels and myriad light sources; to delicate pieces perfect for smaller spaces, at Lux Lighting we have everything you need to add value to your home with modern chandeliers.

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