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Choosing the Right Ceiling Lights

Choosing the Correct Ceiling Light

How to choose the correct ceiling light

If you are restyling your home, you’ll have a lot of choices to make. From flooring to furnishings, fixtures to fittings, interior design can make or break a property, as well as adding huge potential value to your home.

But an oft-overlooked area of key importance is lighting choices. Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting. A stunning fitting can lend a sense of luxury to the whole space; but it’s not just about the look of the fitting itself – the light it casts plays a key role in whether your room feels bright and creative; cosy and welcoming; or dark and dingy.

Ceiling lights are a key area in designing the lighting scheme of your space. While lamps can be played with and moved around to create the best effect, ceiling lights are fixed, so you need to get them right first time. What’s more, the ceiling lights are usually the default lighting option for a space – the one you will flick on as you walk in the door. This means the pressure is on to choose the perfect ceiling lights.

At Lux Lighting, we curate a beautiful selection of the best quality lighting options. From ceiling lights and wall lamps to chandeliers, outdoor lighting and LEDs, we have a solution for every lighting problem.

If you’re searching for the best ceiling light for your space, Lux Lighting can give you the inspiration and information you need to make the perfect choice. Here’s our guide for how to choose the correct ceiling light.

What are the different types of ceiling lights?

There are many different types of ceiling lights available, but here are the main categories:


Most commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms and hallways, downlights emit the most illumination downwards and are a straightforward lighting solution.


These are installed with the light source facing upwards, which creates a more ambient lighting effect. They tend to cast a gentler glow, perfect for spaces where you relax, such as living rooms and bedrooms. They can also be used to effectively highlight architectural elements of your home, such as period mouldings.


A classic style, the chandelier is a statement piece that hangs from a chain below your ceiling. Highly decorative in style, chandeliers come in everything from ultra-modern styles to period antique pieces. Sometimes chandelier lights resemble candles, as when they were first invented they would have used candles rather than electric lights. A key feature of the chandelier is that it will have several light sources, and as such it’s a great way to give powerful illumination to a space.

Pendant lights

While pendant lights hang down, similar to chandeliers, they only feature one light source. They can be a more understated way to create a lighting feature and work well in smaller spaces such as bathrooms. The direct nature of their light means they are good task lights, but you may want to pair them with other lighting options such as wall lights for increasing ambience.

Baymont Antique Brass


These are lights that are mounted directly against the ceiling, making them great for spaces with low ceiling heights. Although they don’t add huge decorative value, they can cast a pleasant light and are highly practical – often covered over with a glass dome to diffuse the light. They give a streamlined feel and work well with modern décor.

Semi-flush mount

This type of ceiling light provides a good compromise, especially for spaces with low ceiling height. Rather than a full pendant or a completely flush fitting, the semi-flush comes on a short stem, meaning the light cast has an up-lit element as well as casting light downwards. This creates a lovely ambient effect that can really make a difference to your space. Plus, semi-flush designs have more potential for decorative extras than flush mount styles.

Ceiling fan with light

This choice combines a ceiling fan with a lighting fixture, ideal if you’re looking for both but have limited space.

Recessed lighting

This is a common modern style of lighting that can look effective both in new builds and period properties. Small lights are fitted into the ceiling, meaning they take up very little room. They are usually installed in rows, to cast an even light across the whole space. Often it works well to install these with a dimmer switch, giving you full control over the lighting of the space and the ambience created. Recessed lighting is a subtle yet highly effective lighting option which concentrates less on adding decorative value and more on the practical lighting needs of your room.

Utility Lighting

This won’t be high on many interior design lists, but utility lights have their place – in spaces such as utility rooms or laundries, and of course in more commercial and industrial settings. Giving bright illumination and coming with a security cover to prevent tampering, utility lights are high in practical value (but probably of less interest to homeowners doing up their properties!)

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Do all ceiling lights need a false ceiling to be installed?

No. If your property has poor ceilings that need reinforcing before lights can be installed, you will need to consider this. But generally, most ceiling lights are designed to work with the existing architecture of your building.

The exception is recessed lighting, which may require the creation of a void to install them in. But each property will be different, so check with your builder before assuming you need a false ceiling.

How to judge the quality of ceiling lamps

Shopping with a reputable dealer such as Lux Lighting is one of the best ways to ensure your ceiling lamps are of the highest quality. We only work with the best lighting manufacturers in the industry, ensuring that our customers receive lighting products that are both stylish and durable. What is more, many of our products come with a warranty, ensuring you can shop with total peace of mind.

Is a 10,000 lux ceiling light too much for a living room?

There has been a transition to LED lighting for most spaces in the last few years, as they are more economical. LED lighting output is measured in lumens. We’d recommend lighting that gives 250 lumens per square metre.

Lux is the measure of lighting intensity. So rather than considering the lux value of your lighting, looking into the lumen value is probably more important. The amount you want will depend on the size of the space you are lighting – and 10,000 lumens would be very bright for most living spaces.

Which LED lights are best for the ceiling?

Most ceiling lights are LED compatible, so we’d advise choosing the lighting you like best, and checking whether you can use LED bulbs (most will take them).

Other considerations when choosing ceiling lights

You should always consider the main uses of the room when planning the lighting. For instance, if it’s a high-traffic area such as a hallway, fairly bright light may be required – especially if the space receives little natural light. Similarly, a kitchen might need strong illumination in areas where there are work surfaces. By contrast, you might feel that areas such as snug or living rooms have more subtle lighting requirements.

Where to mount your ceiling lights

This consideration will affect the lights you eventually choose, so decide from the beginning where you want your lights to be. In some spaces, a central ceiling light will be the obvious choice; but a good rule of thumb is that you should mount your ceiling lights in the areas with the least natural light. Remember, sometimes choosing more than one type of ceiling light is the best solution – perhaps a traditional property would look odd without a central ceiling light, but you need to add something more in order to fulfil the real lighting needs of the space.

Are you looking for the perfect ceiling light?

Shop with Lux Lighting today. Our specially curated range of top-quality ceiling lights covers every lighting need, from beautiful statement chandeliers to subtle lighting solutions. Whether you want spotlights to give you the illumination you need for specific tasks, or you want to create the perfect ambience for gatherings and parties, our expert teams at Lux Lighting can guide you. From compatibility, lighting output, and building regulations, to style, décor schemes and the latest from lighting designers, Lux Lighting is the perfect place to discover the ideal ceiling light.

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