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Bathroom Lighting Guide
How do you coordinate bathroom lights?

Consider the area

Many people often wonder if you can have a pendant light in a bathroom. The answer is, as long as it has the correct IP rating, then yes! Pendant lights and chandelier styles work best in bathrooms with high ceilings for an added sense of luxury. They are best placed as the main feature of your bathroom lighting, so think carefully about where you will put it and how it will work with any other lighting fixtures you have.

Bathroom ceiling lights are often considered the primary source of lighting in a bathroom. Downlights might be something to consider for larger bathrooms. Bathroom wall lights give an ambient glow and can be used to accentuate particular areas.

Think about the IP Rating and Energy Efficiency

Any fitting with an IP rating of 44 or higher is safe for use anywhere in the bathroom (as long as it’s not being submerged). As a general rule, a light fitting is suitable for bathroom use if it is IP44 rated.

Types of Bathroom Lighting


Ceiling Lights

Bathroom Ceiling Lights Ceiling lights are often the primary source of lighting in a bathroom. Try to avoid making them too bright, as this can seem harsh - especially with white suites! For larger bathrooms, place downlights toward the edges of the room rather than in the middle for a better sense of space Directional spotlights can help you accentuate different parts of the room Avoid placing ceiling lights directly over your vanity - this will create shadows on your face Connect your ceiling light to your extractor fan so it comes on when you have a shower Downlights can be used over your shower, bath or in your wetroom


Spots & Downlights

Spotlights can be used in areas of interest when used on a track with more than one or used individually as a surface mounted. These types offer more directional lighting and can be turned on a 160 degree angle. Down lights can come in various colour temperatures, when bought as LED, some having all three built in for your convenience enabling to choose your preferred look from warm white, cool white to day white. Other downlights which take a bulb cannot. Downlights can be placed to cover the full ceiling area to be used as a main lighting source or to light up darker areas.


Wall Lights

Bathroom Wall lights - give a more ambient glow, and aren’t usually the sole source of light - use them to accentuate particular areas, instead. Best used around mirrors for a vanity light Mount wall lights at eye level rather than above a mirror to prevent shadows Low voltage is often preferred for a more flattering light level Use a dimmer to be able to control the brightness you need If you have a dark recess in your bathroom, add in a wall light to bring it to life An LED bathroom mirror is a possible alternative.

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